Valve allows Repose to run as a standalone application. Repose currently supports multiple ways of starting and stopping in an effort to provide the most flexibility to operators during the industry wide conversion from System V and Upstart to systemd. The SystemV and Upstart mechanisms are currently deprecated, and in the future, only support for the systemd way will be provided by the standard installation.


This is the recommended way of starting/stopping Repose. By default, Repose will log to both the systemd logging system via standard out/err as well as system logs in /var/log/repose. This behavior can be modified by updating the log4j2.xml in the Repose configuration directory to only log to one or the other depending on the need.

sudo systemctl start repose.service (1)

sudo systemctl stop repose.service (2)

sudo systemctl enable repose.service (3)
1 Starts Repose.
2 Stops Repose.
3 Enables the automatic starting of Repose on boot.

Upstart / Service (Deprecated)

This is the old way of starting/stopping Repose.

sudo service repose start (1)

sudo service repose stop (2)
1 Starts Repose.
2 Stops Repose.

System V / Init.d Script (Deprecated)

Alternatively, you could start/stop Repose using the init.d script directly.

sudo /etc/init.d/repose start (1)

sudo /etc/init.d/repose stop (2)
1 Starts Repose.
2 Stops Repose.

Java JAR

As a Java application, Repose can also be run directly from a JAR file.

java -jar /usr/share/repose/repose.jar (1)

kill -2 $repose_pid (2)
1 Starts Repose.
2 Stops Repose if running in the background. If the process is running in the foreground, CTRL-C will stop the process (i.e., sending the the SIGINT signal).