This version of the docs is a work in progress. If you don’t see what you are looking for check the legacy wiki.

Provides details about the packages Repose maintains for easy installation by our users.

Directory Layout

This section outlines where Repose files live in the filesystem after being extracted from one of our packages.

Files Directory/File Purpose

EAR Files


Location of all of the artifacts for Repose to use.

Valve JAR File


The repose.jar that starts Valve.

Log Files


System and HTTP logs.

Configuration Files


XML configuration files.

Example Configuration Files


Example XML configuration files. These files are for example purposes only, and are not used to determine the behavior of Repose.

Unit File


SystemD service unit file.

Service Script


(Deprecated) Script used by System V or Upstart’s service command.



Working directory for artifacts being used when Repose is running.