This version of the docs is a work in progress. If you don’t see what you are looking for check the legacy wiki.

Add Header Filter

Enables users to add new headers and header values to a request and/or response.

API Validator Filter

Validates calls to an API by checking the URI format, enforcing Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), ensuring payload schema compliance, and much more.

Body Extractor to Header Filter

Extracts a value from the request body and puts it in a request header.

Body Patcher Filter

Patches request/response bodies using methods native to the content type.

Compression Filter


Content Type Stripper Filter

Removes the Content-Type header when no content body is present.

CORS Filter

Enables users to add support for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing requests.

Echo Filter


Exception Filter


Header Normalization filter

Conditionally removes headers from a request and/or response.

Header User Filter


Highly Efficient Record Processor (HERP) Filter

Logs a descriptive event for each API request so that usage can be audited.

IP User Filter

Populates a request header with the client’s IP address.

IRI Validator Filter

Verifies that the request URI has been properly converted from an IRI.

Keystone v2 Filter

Provides a mechanism for authenticating and enriching requests with data from an OpenStack Keystone v2 Identity service.

Keystone v2 Authorization Filter

Authorizes requests based on data about the user making the request.

Merge Header Filter

Merges multiple header lines with the same name into a single header line with multiple comma-separated values.

OpenAPI Validator Filter

Validates requests against a configured OpenAPI Document.

Openstack Identity v3 Filter

Authenticates, authorizes, and enriches requests using data from an OpenStack Identity v3 service.

Rate Limiting Filter

Limits the number of requests allowed through Repose to the origin service.

RegEx Role Based Access Control (RBAC) Filter

Validates calls to an API by checking the requested URI against a series Regular Expressions to enforce Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

Scripting Filter

Enables users to write custom filters for Repose using a variety of scripting languages.

Simple Role Based Access Control (RBAC) Filter

Validates calls to an API by checking the URI format and HTTP method and enforcing Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) using a simple Domain Specific Language (DSL).

Split Header Filter

Splits header lines with multiple values into multiple header lines each with a single value.

Tenant Culling Filter

Winnows away the tenants that are not relevant to the current request.

Translation Filter


URI Normalization Filter

Normalizes the URI of HTTP messages.

URI Stripper Filter


URI User Filter


Valkyrie Authorization Filter

Authorizes users with permissions from a Valkyrie service, and normalizes request and/or response data given those permissions.

Versioning Filter