• REP-6969 - Added support for more expressive filter determination in the System Model using boolean operators.

  • REP-7135 - Improved the artifact deployment strategy to handle multiple Repose instances running concurrently.

  • REP-7096 - Updated the ReposeRoutingServlet to be able to actually route requests.

  • REP-7128 - Updated the performance tests so that they have a more standard layout, and more fully allow integration in the IDE.

  • REP-7009 - Updated the intrafilter-logging debugging mechanism in preparation for v9.0.0.0 changes. (2018-07-03) (2018-06-08)

  • REP-7054 - IP User filter - support to use X-Forwarded-For header for X-PP-Groups (2018-06-06) (2018-04-23) (2018-03-30)

  • REP-6654 - Added OpenTracing support.

  • REP-6674 - Switching usages of LazyLogging over to StrictLogging. (2018-03-23)

  • REP-6588 - Updated the commitToResponse method of the HttpServletResponseWrapper to avoid writing headers or the body when an error has been sent. This should fix an issue with certain servlet containers where an IllegalStateException is thrown when calling commitToResponse after both writing to the output stream and calling sendError on the wrapped response.

  • REP-6628 - Updated dependencies:

  • REP-6550 - Update the Valkyrie Filter to care about quality when selecting a tenant ID for talking to the Valkyrie service.

  • REP-6604 - Update the Valkyrie Filter to add roles to the X-Map-Roles header when role translation is configured.

  • REP-6448 - Updated the Simple RBAC filter to support Multi-Tenant.

  • REP-6710 - Removed the custom String Utilities in favor of the standard Apache Commons Lang version already in use elsewhere. (2018-02-15) (2018-02-05) (2017-11-17) (2017-11-01) (2017-10-25) (2017-10-04)

  • REP-6162 - Updated the Keystone v2 get IDP call to support the field name change from approvedDomains to approvedDomainIds. (2017-09-28) (2017-09-26)

  • REP-5939 - Added support for, and began publishing, a CentOS-based Docker image.

  • REP-5766 - Updated Dockerfile to run Repose as the repose user.

  • REP-5767 - Updated Dockerfiles to simplify usage of JAVA_OPTS.

  • REP-5985 - Updated the Jackson version from v2.4.0 to v2.8.9 to correct some library mismatch issues.

  • REP-5315 - Updated Spring-managed bean names in JMX to be consistent with metric beans.

  • REP-5885 - Fixed the bug where an Error during processing would result in a 200 response from Repose.

  • REP-6050 - Update Contact Us page information across all the documentation.

  • REP-5261 - Confirmed the Translation filter will allow 100,000 Entity Expansions and updated the documentation accordingly.

  • REP-6098 - Updated the SAML Policy Translation filter to allow multiple locations for default values in an effort to support multiple Identity Providers (IDP’s).

  • REP-6001 - Updated dependencies:

  • REP-5994 - Brought the Tenant Culling Filter into the main filter bundle.

  • REP-5727 - Extracted trace ID logging to its own named logger.

    The org.openrepose.powerfilter.PowerFilter.trace-id-logging Logger in your Log4j2 configuration will determine the logging behavior for trace ID logging. If the org.openrepose.powerfilter.PowerFilter.trace-id-logging Logger has not been configured, it will inherit the org.openrepose.powerfilter.PowerFilter logger’s configuration. (2017-08-15)

As part of this correction, any configurations that were taking advantage of this lack of validation will cease to function.

This message is logged to a separate logger and can be disabled by adding the following to the log4j2.xml:

<Logger name="org.openrepose.commons.utils.servlet.http.HttpServletResponseWrapper_addHeaderWarning" level="off"/>
  • REP-5521 - Updated the API Checker library from v2.2.1 to v2.3.0.

  • REP-5940 - Updated the attribute-mapper library from v1.2.0 to v1.3.0.

  • REP-3502 - Confirmed the correct use of the default ALL HTTP Method in all of the configuration files. (2017-06-13) (2017-06-08) (2017-06-02) (2017-04-14)

  • REP-4024 - The Header Normalization Filter updated to include removing headers on the Response.

  • REP-3901 - The Debian and RPM Repose Valve and WAR artifacts will now create the repose user and group even if the configuration files are already present.

  • REP-5130 - Rackspace Auth User Filter now gives a more specific and quieter log message when it runs into a non-xml or non-json content type.

  • REP-4754 - The Rate Limiting Filter now returns a 406 if a user requests limits with an unsupported media type in the Accept header.

  • REP-4725 - Repose will no longer add a Server header to responses from neither the main endpoint nor the Dist-Datastore endpoint.

  • REP-5204 - The Metrics Service library has been updated from Yammer v2.2.0 to Dropwizard v3.2.0. The service interface has also been modified to provide a simpler, more flexible experience.

    As part of the upgrade, some metric names reported by various components have been changed. Furthermore, all metrics reported to JMX via the Metrics Service now follow a new naming scheme. Due to a technical issue with the new version of the metric library, EHCache metrics are no longer being reported, but there is planned work to restore them. See Metrics Service for details on the metrics currently being reported.

  • REP-5214 - The Via header configuration has been expanded in a backwards compatible way. However, there were some internal contract changes with the Via and Location header builders, but they should not affect any custom filters.

  • REP-4465 - Certain enums provided by Repose have been replaced by classes holding the same constant values. (2017-02-24) (2017-02-21) (2017-02-04) (2016-12-13)

  • REP-4764 - sendError in the response wrapper will now call sendError on the underlying response when appropriate.

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